Customer Service

Today’s travellers demand outstanding customer service. Learn how to exceed their expectations while keeping costs low.

Changes happen, we’ll help you deal with them

People’s lives are busy and complex. Plans change, often at the last minute and with little warning. It’s a major cause of travel stress and why taking the car is often seen as a better option. We help customer-focused operators make the entire process of exchanges, cancellations and refunds simple and hassle-free.

Streamlined aftersales comes of age

Our omnichannel agent tool enables aftersales teams to serve customers faster and easier. Simply, it means happier customers and more productive agents. More than this, our chatbot solution enables travellers to take control themselves, quickly processing exchanges, cancellations and refunds with no need for an agent to intervene.

Greater loyalty, increased revenue

Acquiring new customers can be difficult and costly – far better to maximise the retention of those you already have. With our customer service technology, you can run highly targeted campaigns to promote greater travel, offer bundled incentives and reward your travellers with special offers. It’s a direct route to greater customer satisfaction and increased revenue.

Improve your customer service without increasing your costs.

Client example

Helping Inntel sell rail efficiently

Inntel are the UK’s largest independent meetings and travel management company. With SilverRail’s Journey Planning, Scheduling, Inventory Management, Pricing and Booking tools, Inntel were able to boost efficiency and reduce costs.


Customer service

Delivering fast, efficient customer service.

Ticket Issuing System

Or are you looking for the full works? A fully integrated solution spanning the entire customer journey.

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Journey Planning

Helping customers get where they need to go.

Rail Distribution

Expand reach and increase sales efficiently.


E-ticketing that removes the friction from travel.

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