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Multi-Market Access

Our distribution solution helps Online Travel Agencies like Omio and Rail Europe access “deep” rail content from multiple markets through a single API, saving them time and money.


Split Ticketing

We’ve helped LNER become the first UK TOC to launch Split Ticketing that offers great savings with the added benefit that customers travel on one ticket and in the same seat for their entire journey.

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D2D Journey Planner

Our door-to-door journey planners are fast, accurate and multi-modal, delivering the best traveller experience. Cyclists in Auckland love our “safe cycling” feature as it routes them through cycle paths rather than busy roads, unlike Google Maps.

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Calendar Search

Airlines know how to sell tickets. That’s why they’ve made calendar search the default UI for finding flights. With LNER, we’ve brought calendar search to rail, displaying the best fare over a month, week or part of day for their customers.

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Weekend Getaway

Travel has become domestic. We prototyped a tool which enables travellers to easily find the perfect staycation (rail + accommodation) based on journey time and cost.

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Automatic Rerouting

We have real-time rerouting capabilities within our journey planning products. If there’s a disruption on the line, we’ll automatically reroute travellers via alternative transport modes to get them home safely and quickly.


Omnichannel Retail

We enable rail operators and agencies to sell rail through multiple channels easily, including web, mobile apps, TVMs, telesales, ticket offices and even voice.

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Green Logistics

We are running a pilot in partnership with Snälltåget, a Swedish rail carrier, and Airmee, a logistics firm, to use the spare capacity on trains to deliver e-commerce packages between Stockholm and Malmö.