Ticket Issuing System

End-to-end operational excellence. Creating a truly modern transport offering means delivering a tightly integrated, digitally-enabled service.

End-to-end retailing

With SilverRail’s Ticket Issuing System, you can transform the way you serve customers with a full suite of capabilities. From multi-modal journey planning and flexible, easy-to-use booking to effortless e-ticketing and time-saving aftersales, the SilverRail TIS delivers.

Watch the video below to see how we've helped Transport for Wales grow their ticket sales by 10% YoY.

Sell the way customers want to buy

SilverRail’s Ticket Issuing System is omnichannel from the ground up. It means that you can serve your customers the way that suits them – from web and mobile to vending machines and voice. The result? Seamless journey planning, selection and ticketing that travellers love to use.

Multiple markets, single API

The solution not only enables you to span multiple modes of transport, you can now serve customers across international markets, enabling them to travel across borders with an ease previously limited to air travel. What’s more, you can achieve this with a single API that simplifies the entire process.

Deliver an end-to-end digitally-enabled service to your customers.

Client example

Helping Transport for Wales transform their passenger experience

Transport for Wales wanted to improve their customer proposition, create a bilingual app, have an agile approach and be able to add to their digital architecture. With our ticketing solution which produced a bilingual award-winning app, Transport for Wales were able to achieve the above and drive their ticket sales by a 10% increase in growth year on year.


Ticket Issuing System

Fully integrated solution spanning the entire customer journey.

Journey Planning

Helping customers get where they need to go.

Rail Distribution

Expand reach and increase sales efficiently.


E-ticketing that removes the friction from travel.

Customer Service

Delivering fast, effective customer service.