Rail Distribution

Sell rail easily. From multiple channels to international markets, we help retailers sell global rail via a single multi-market API.

Sell Rail Easily

Every retailer wants to reach the highest number of customers. This may mean selling through more channels. It may mean making it easier for travellers to buy a broader range of ticket types. Or it could be about accessing international markets.

However you want to increase sales, we can help.

Sell via a wider ecosystem

Our rail distribution solutions make it easy for you to sell journeys via third-parties – whether other operators, leisure and corporate travel agencies, or internet travel websites.

Higher efficiency, lower costs, great customer experience

Every operator needs to keep costs low. So our distribution solutions enable multi-market rail access (including the UK, France, Sweden, Italy, Spain, USA and Canada) through a single API. Our caching capabilities mean you aren’t subject to ever-increasing costs from querying industry data. And we can help you deal with everything from day tickets, travel cards and subscription fares through to aftersales support for changes, cancellations and refunds.

If you’re a carrier or agency, discover how we can broaden your reach and increase your revenue.

Making Rail Easy

As a retailer, you need to sell rail, but there are challenges. Discover how SilverRail makes rail easy.


Challenge 1: Dev Effort - Every carrier’s API is different

SilverRail's Solution

SilverRail’s Solution: We aggregate and normalise content, dramatically reducing dev effort for clients


Challenge 2: Carrier Licensing - securing licences direct is complex

SilverRail's Solution

SilverRail’s Solution: We've secured sub-licencing rights with the majority of carrier partners


Challenge 3: Low User Adoption- most aggregator APIs don't offer what travellers need

SilverRail's Solution

SilverRail’s Solution: We integrate deeply, delivering parity to carrier websites where possible


Make Rail easy now!

Client example

Helping Trainplanet sell rail efficiently

Trainplanet have all the main rail operators from Europe within their platform via a simple data connection to SilverRail, allowing their customers to find the best rail tickets to suit their needs



Expand reach and increase sales.

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