Swedish Migration FAQs

As you are probably aware, there are three upcoming changes that will impact rail retailing in Sweden:

  1. SJ and the majority of the Swedish rail carriers are going live with new inventory systems, reservations, and ticketing. This will impact ticket sales booked as from April 16th for trips from June 4th onwards.
  2. Samtrafiken is going live with the National Distribution & Sales Solution (NDS). This will impact ticket sales booked as from April 16th for trips from June 4th onwards.
  3. SilverRail will distribute some of the content from the NDS as from 27th April (the ‘Start of Sales’) for trips from June 4th onwards.

If you have any questions about any of the changes, please email silverdesk.se@silverrailtech.com.

1. Will there be limitations in content/functionality etc. at the ‘Start of Sales’ on the 27th April?

2. Why has SilverRail changed the way its API and Linkonline work?

3. Will all content/carriers be available at the ‘Start of Sales’ on April 27th?

4. Why doesn’t SilverRail have the same Start of Sales date as SJ and NDS?

5. When will Vy tåg be available via SilverRail?

6. When will Snälltåget be available via SilverRail?

7. Will functionality for special refunds be available?

8. Will there be changes regarding Information Records (Sales Message and Booking Records)?

9. When will it be possible to book corporate fares?

10. Why do the bookings need to be paid for within 30 minutes?

11. Will booking of international tickets be affected?

12. When will exchangeable tickets be available?

13. Will seatmaps be available at ‘Start of Sales’?

14. Why will there be a difference between what is available in the carriers’ own sales channels and the content that SilverRail makes available?

15. Can ancillary services (e.g., breakfast, meals) be booked for my booking?

16. Will there be any changes to how tickets are distributed?

17. When will night trains be available on SilverRail sales channels?

18. Will it be possible to cancel tickets to receive a refund?

19. Will travelers be able to see the booked trip on the carriers’ respective sales channels?

20. Will it still be possible to refund a ticket booked through SilverRail on the carrier's sales channels or via the carrier's customer support?

21. Will there be a disruption in the sales of SJ multi-ride tickets?

22. When will it be possible to book with discount codes (yearly card, Interrail pass etc.)?

23. Will all accessible content be available via SilverRail’s applications (Linkonline and SilverRail API) at the same time as SilverRail’s start of sales?