Pandemic, rail & recovery insights

A collection of facts and figures on the pandemic and how it may impact rail and its recovery.

An industry resource

These are unprecedented times. Not since World War Two have we seen an economic collapse of this magnitude. And as we all know, rail has been hit hard. Passenger numbers are down 95% in many countries as people stay away from public transport and use private vehicles instead.

Despite the uncertainty that surrounds rail and the wider travel industry, we can all be sure of one thing: rail will not be like it was before the pandemic.

The environment has changed. And rail must change with it. As Darwin reminds us, “the species that survives is the one that is able to adapt and adjust best to the changing environment in which it finds itself”.

The “Recovery Team”

The new normal presents both massive opportunities and challenges to our industry. To understand what these are and to guide our product and commercial strategy, we have set up a dedicated group of SilverRailers called the Recovery Team that collects data and insights on a regular basis on the pandemic, rail and its recovery.

And in searching the web, our team found no central place which gathered and summarised this data. So we’ve created it here, for us, for you and for the industry.

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Bulletin 1: Pandemic-Specific Responses

As part of our survey, we asked people whether initiatives like proof of vaccinations and enforced social distancing would make them feel more comfortable about taking the train. Click here to find out what they said.

What we’re thinking about

Aaron Gowell, our CEO, spoke at the National Rail Recovery Conference recently where he unpacked four trends that are transforming travel and how rail should respond.