We’re here to make rail easy

We’ve made it our mission to make rail easy for travellers, agencies and train operators.

The world needs rail

Put simply, the world is a better place when people choose not to fly and do everything they can to limit car journeys. 

Air travel is a major source of pollution producing up to 10 times the emissions of rail (around 15% of total greenhouse gas emissions in the UK alone). And for all the welcome signs of greater adoption of electric vehicles, most cars on the road today are still reliant on fossil fuels. 

Efficient mass transit systems are simply a better alternative. They have a smaller carbon footprint, reduce congestion and are often faster and cheaper than alternatives.

But there are challenges. 

High fixed costs and ageing legacy infrastructure make it difficult to deliver the kind of digitally-enabled services today’s travellers expect. There is often insufficient data to allow customers to make the best travel decisions. And for agencies, rail is fragmented, lacks standards and is expensive to sell and manage.

We’re here to help with technology and solutions that make it easy for your customers to plan and buy travel and for you to give them the levels of service they deserve. 

Ultimately, we want to give you the tools you need to increase revenue, reduce costs and delight travellers.

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