We’re here to make rail easy

We’ve made it our mission to make rail easy for travellers, agencies and train operators.

The world needs rail

Put simply, the world is a better place when people choose not to fly and do everything they can to limit car journeys. 

Air travel is a major source of pollution producing up to 10 times the emissions of rail (around 15% of total greenhouse gas emissions in the UK alone). And for all the welcome signs of greater adoption of electric vehicles, most cars on the road today are still reliant on fossil fuels. 

Efficient mass transit systems are simply a better alternative. They have a smaller carbon footprint, reduce congestion and are often faster and cheaper than alternatives.

But there are challenges. 

High fixed costs and ageing legacy infrastructure make it difficult to deliver the kind of digitally-enabled services today’s travellers expect. There is often insufficient data to allow customers to make the best travel decisions. And for agencies, rail is fragmented, lacks standards and is expensive to sell and manage.

We’re here to help with technology and solutions that make it easy for your customers to plan and buy travel and for you to give them the levels of service they deserve. 

Ultimately, we want to give you the tools you need to increase revenue, reduce costs and delight travellers.

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Our Management

Aaron Gowell
CEO and Co-Founder
Prior to founding SilverRail, Aaron built and sold National Leisure Group, a pioneer in travel ecommerce, worked at Bain and was a founding member of General Catalyst Partners, a leading VC in online travel.
Cameron Jones
Chief Commercial Officer
Cameron’s career has focused on travel & tech, starting with Starwood Hotels on their distribution and eBusiness strategy. He then spent 8 years with Expedia in APAC and Europe driving their hotels and affiliates business.
Caroline Thompson
Chief Operating Officer
Caroline has over 30 years’ experience in HR and operational roles. Most of her career has involved financial engineering, particularly in tech companies and she’s also sat on several industry boards.
David Pitt
Head of UK
David is a UK Rail expert and manages key client relationships, as well as writing regularly for Rail Review, an industry publication. He has a background in program delivery and transformation, having worked with Virgin Trains and National Express.
Francis Lee
MD Search
Francis began his career at Capgemini and was involved in a number of major IT infrastructure projects such as the building of Trainline.com. Over the last 17 years he has overseen the creation of journey planning software for customers such as National Rail Enquiries.
Frederic Kalinke
Head of Marketing
Frederic is a digital innovator and train travel enthusiast. He started his career at Google in various sales and marketing roles, where he obtained a patent for YouTube, before managing an ecommerce technology company.
Jean-David Oladele
VP Product
JD is passionate about product delivery and innovation and has been with SilverRail for over 9 years. Prior to SilverRail, he worked in Engineering as a Software Architect and has an MBA, a BSc and ME in Computer Engineering.
Monica Öberg
MD SilverRail AB
Monica runs our Swedish business. Prior to SilverRail, Monica worked in leadership roles spanning HR and operations for transport and hospitality companies in the US and Sweden, such as Symbio and Hyatt Hotels.
Tobias Carlborg
Head of Finance
Tobias has worked in M&A, fundraising, and advising high growth technology companies. He has a Master of Science in Engineering from the Royal Institute of Technology in Stockholm and an MBA from Warwick Business School.