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We #Choose to Challenge

The author: Victoria Bacon


Written by Victoria Bacon

Today and every day we at SilverRail #choosetochallenge.

Whether that’s our next innovative project to transform the way people move, challenge the way in which we work, or stand up against inequality and gender bias.

We are proud to have such an incredible, inclusive team where we celebrate the success of every single member, and where every voice matters. Unfortunately, there are some places around the world where women are not treated equally. That is why today, on International Women’s Day, we are celebrating our women powering the world of rail, celebrating how far the world has come, but recognising how much there is still left to do.

We interviewed a few of our women and here’s what they had to say:

What does International Women’s Day mean to you?

“This day is called out to recognise women around the world specifically. I appreciate the significant women that have blessed my path and continuously do.” – Technical Account Manager

“International Women’s Day for me is to celebrate achievements and results by women who have a passion for ambition, determination and inclusion to reach and work towards goals whilst equally heightening awareness, proactiveness and encouragement to support and take those around them with them.” – Accreditation Analyst

“It’s a little high five for the sisterhood. We have made huge progress in the last 100 years towards being recognised as equals and valued for our contributions.” – Senior Vice President of Strategy

“Closing the gender gap – equal pay, equal opportunity, looking at how to support women in 3rd world countries (access to education, health, excision) but also fighting for women’s right (abortion, access to sanitary products for all, violence)” – Director of Global Supply

What does an inclusive world mean to you?

“Where there is no segregation of any kind!” – Technical Account Manager

“No matter your background, your start in life, any wobbles along the way, all those successes… use these experiences to your advantage and move forward every day. Make yourself included to feel included and breed inclusiveness” – Accreditation Analyst

“A world where everyone feels their voice is valid and they feel heard. Humans have respect for each other as the default setting.” – Senior Vice President of Strategy

“Recognise what each individual (albeit very different) can bring to the table.” – Director of Global Supply

What advice would you give to your child self?

“Give your full self and do not be stopped by invisible boundaries set by people” – Technical Account Manager

“Be bold, strong and confident so that you can achieve anything” – QA Engineer

“If we were all the same, life would be boring” I always thought that I should be the same as everyone else. Life teaches you otherwise. Take every day by the horns, enjoy and look forward.” – Accreditation Analyst

“What makes you happy now will make you happy later, all the answers are within you so don’t go losing yourself.” – Senior Vice President of Strategy

“Be yourself, don’t be scared to fight for what you believe in” – Director of Global Supply

SilverRail chooses to challenge – collectively we can all help create an inclusive world.