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Transport for Wales Partners with SilverRail to Transform its Digital Retailing Capability

The author: Frederic Kalinke


Written by Frederic Kalinke

SilverRail is delighted to announce its partnership with Transport for Wales (TfW), helping them transform their digital retailing platform and passenger experience.

The project involves SilverRail providing TfW with a retail engine that powers the full customer journey, from planning to fulfilment to payment, underpinned by SilverCore, its multi-channel Ticketing Issuing System (TIS).

This will allow TfW to own and optimise all customer touchpoints across its website, mobile apps, call centre and any new channels that may emerge.

Dave Williams, Transport for Wales’ IT and Digital Services Director, is excited about what the partnership will enable: “We’re delighted to be working with SilverRail to upgrade our retailing system for our customers. The new system will give us increased flexibility across all our platforms and will provide a significant enhancement to the customer journey”.

“More people than ever are using our digital services to buy tickets and access up-to-the-minute journey information. This is just one step we’re making ahead of the eventual rollout of integrated public transport journey-planning, which will provide journey information and tickets for rail and bus services across Wales.”

UK rail operators have traditionally outsourced their digital retailing to third-party companies, which has led to poor visibility of the customer and their needs. TfW has recognised the importance of reasserting control of its customer-facing channels and is bringing them together using SilverRail’s platform. This will improve the end-to-end digital experience whilst allowing TfW to accelerate innovation.

“This partnership will enable TfW to provide a best-in-class customer experience to passengers from journey planning to booking, from fulfilment to customer service and across multiple channels” said David Pitt, Head of UK at SilverRail.

“In doing so, we are helping TfW enhance its position in the competitive UK transport market, at a time when more people are travelling domestically. As we emerge from the pandemic, it is very important that we do all we can to make journeys easier for customers.”

“It is exciting that TfW will be challenging the status quo by investing in enhancing its digital assets to take back control and grow its direct revenue. This will reassert their control in what they can offer to the travelling public,” continued David.

SilverRail’s platform is designed to work seamlessly with other technology suppliers, enabling TfW to work effectively with digital design agencies, CRM systems and other industry tools. On this project, SilverRail has worked alongside Imaginet, a digital agency.

You can find out more about SilverRail’s TIS here.

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Frederic Kalinke, Marketing Director at SilverRail


About SilverRail

SilverRail delivers the retail engine for global rail. Its product suite spans the full passenger journey: trip planning, booking, payment, ticketing and aftersales.


  • Handles more than 1 billion online rail searches each year
  • Distributes tickets for more than 35 providers and carriers
  • Processes more than 30 million bookings each year
  • Serves more than 1,500 corporate customers worldwide

SilverRail was founded in 2009 and has offices in London, Boston, Stockholm and Brisbane.

About Transport for Wales

Transport for Wales (TfW) oversees public transport in Wales and its mission is to drive forward the Welsh Government’s vision of a high-quality, safe, integrated, affordable, and accessible transport network that the people of Wales are proud of.

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