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SilverRail and Seatfrog Partner to Enable Travellers to Plan the Best Journey

The author: Isabella Hales


Written by Isabella Hales

London, UK, February 2024:

SilverRail, the B2B travel technology company that helps rail operators increase demand by opening new channels, and travel agencies access multiple rail operators via a single retailing platform, is delighted to extend its partnership with Seatfrog.

Seatfrog's mobile app has reinvented how to purchase tickets with Secretfare, upgrade to 1st class, switch to any train and more for over 1.5 million active users. It has also quickly become the growth catalyst of choice for Rail operators, who realise substantial incremental revenue gains and acquire new audiences via its pioneering technology. Travellers use the Seatfrog app to buy Secretfare tickets for up to 89% off, effortlessly upgrade to first class, switch trains in two taps, and much more.

SilverRail provides companies like Seatfrog with a simple and cost-effective rail booking, ticketing and after-sales platform. Its API is designed to significantly reduce the complexity, operational cost and technical effort in offering rail content. In addition, its conversion optimising tools, such as Seatmaps, Calendar PriceSearch and Split Ticketing Discount, help travellers make better decisions. Click here to find out more about SilverRail’s distribution platform.

Conor O'Riordan, VP Commercial at Seatfrog at SilverRail said:
"Our technology is not just increasing revenue for Rail operators - it's revolutionising it, filling their trains with happier passengers and acquiring new audiences from other modes like never before. We’re excited to extend our partnership with SilverRail so we can continue to lead the market, transforming how travellers plan the most value-packed journeys.”

Brett Ring, VP Commercial at SilverRail said:
"We are very excited to be extending our partnership with Seatfrog, a fast-growing and innovative business. Their product gives travellers the top-tier experience they deserve, packed with unique features, and this partnership will enable them to expand the value they’re offering in the UK.