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Written by Frederic Kalinke

Via Rail marks our first rail connection to the travel technology firm

SilverRail, the innovative technology business providing digital infrastructure to enable travellers to search, plan and book global rail tickets, has announced a new partnership with nuTravel.

With SilverRail’s pioneering SilverCore technology, nuTravel, the US based travel technology firm providing travel booking technology solutions, is able to connect it’s corporate travel customers to VIA Rail content for the first time.

SilverCore is the world’s first unified SaaS platform for global rail, connecting rail carriers with the worldwide ecosystem of travel distributors and managers. The API (SilverAPI) simplifies the complexity involved in selling rail by providing a single, integrated service for shopping, booking, and purchasing tickets; regardless of rail carrier or global market, enabling nuTravel to provide a simple and efficient user experience.

VIA Rail is nuTravel’s first connection to SilverCore, which enables customers to search and book rail journeys in Canada, right alongside searches for flights.

Of the new partnership, nuTravel’s Vice President, Product & Customer Solutions, Damar Christopher, said: “nuTravel is absolutely dedicated to delivering the best content for our customers. We believe our collaboration with SilverRail to provide VIA Rail content epitomises this, and its ground-breaking technology platform furthers our Open Integration strategy of partnering with technology leaders in the industry. As a recognised innovator in corporate travel, we are committed to continuing to develop our integration with SilverRail so that we can further improve the traveller’s corporate booking experience.”

Bob Allen, US Director of Account Management at SilverRail, adds: “We are delighted to be announcing our partnership with nuTravel. Over 35 carriers are connected via our SilverCore technology and now with nuTravel we can offer its corporate travel customers the opportunity to see rail content alongside air information for the first time.”


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About SilverRail Technologies
Silver Rail Technologies is a transformative technology business with one mission – to foster the renaissance of rail travel by making global rail content more easily available, accessible and affordable.
SilverRail is currently processing over 1 billion online rail searches per year. Over 35 rail carriers are connected via the company’s ‘SilverCore’ distribution platform – the world’s first unified platform for global rail. More than 25 million bookings are made on SilverRail’s various systems each year. SilverRail is currently serving over 1,500 Transit Operators worldwide.
SilverRail’s manifesto outlines a new set of five standards for the simple, smooth and scalable customer experience the future of rail needs to dominate short and medium haul travel.
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About nuTravel
nuTravel delivers the corporate travel industry’s fastest, most flexible booking technology solutions available today. Successfully pairing industry expertise with the right technology, nuTravel’s diverse portfolio of online travel solutions provide a robust and intuitive selection of travel content to users while delivering a smooth integration into travel management companies and corporations of any size. Since 2002, over 8,000 corporations have chosen nuTravel as their solutions provider; composed of varying sizes and industry expertise with travel budgets ranging from $50,000 to $100 million.
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