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Developed to enable corporate buyers and travel managers to assess the impact of rail travel on productivity, bottom line and the environment, when compared with air travel.

SilverRail Technologies, the transformational technology business dedicated to giving travellers access to global rail content, has launched a Rail Benefits Calculator to help corporate buyers and travel managers to determine the impact on their business, employees and the environment of travelling by rail instead of air.

SilverRail’s calculator can be used in any market and on any route by corporate travel managers to identify and compare four clear KPIs:

  1. Monetary savings of rail versus air;
  2. CO2 savings of rail versus air;
  3. Productivity of employees when taking rail versus air; and
  4. Journey time of rail travel versus air travel

The calculator uses data specific to each individual corporation to deliver relevant results that present travel buyers with the key statistics and information needed to put together a business case for rail. These benefits are displayed on a user-friendly, interactive dashboard that allows corporate buyers and travel managers to control the current status of transport choices, altering the results to pinpoint the travel routes that present the highest benefits of travel via rail over air, or the benefits if the usage of rail is increased.

Ami Taylor, Global Travel Management & Account Development Director, SilverRail Technologies, said: “As climate change become more and more of a priority and with higher and more frequent tax implications, CO2 savings have become a key consideration for businesses – especially following the outcomes of the 2015 United Nations Climate Change Conference in December. And, just a few small changes in our transport choices can make a big difference. Our Rail Benefits Calculator provides corporate buyers and travel managers with a clear KPI to present to any business leader on what the company can and has already saved by choosing rail over air.
“Teamed with an actual savings number, productivity metrics and actual journey times, the calculations present a ground-breaking tool for corporate travel buyers and travel managers, enabling them to assess rail on all levels. The calculator really is a great way to determine what a difference rail can make to companies and the world we live and breathe in.”


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