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SilverRail Extends its Partnership with RDG

The author: Frederic Kalinke


Written by Frederic Kalinke

London, UK, November 2023

SilverRail Extends its Partnership with RDG by Delivering Mission-critical Functionality that Keeps UK Rail Passengers Informed

SilverRail, the travel technology company that helps rail operators, third-party retailers and travel agencies transform how they serve customers and run their businesses, is delighted to have extended its partnership with Rail Delivery Group (RDG), the industry body for UK Rail, by delivering mission-critical functionality that enhances the passenger experience.

As part of a wider transformation programme following Covid-19, RDG is investing in improving the way passengers are notified when journeys they have booked are later changed. SilverRail was chosen to deliver a ‘Timetable Comparator’, a tool that identifies daily changes to timetables and then publishes altered timetable data to Train Operating Company systems, allowing them to make passengers aware of any amendments to their previously booked trips.

So far, five Train Operating Companies (Chiltern, Grand Central, Great Western, East Midland and Greater Anglia) and a few third-party retailers are live with the improved functionality, with the remaining TOCs expected to go live in the next six months.

SilverRail has a long-standing relationship with RDG in having supplied IPTIS, its market-leading Journey Planning solution to National Rail Enquiries since 1999 and LNER since 2016, as well as powering the retail capabilities of several UK TOCs, such as Chiltern Railways, Grand Central and Transport for Wales.

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Jason Webb, Customer Information Director at RDG says:

“We are delighted that the Timetable Comparator has been adopted by TOCs and Retailers and is now helping customers to avoid unexpected disruption to their journeys. Once again, SilverRail has helped us improve the services RDG offers to customers by delivering Timetable Comparator on time and to a high level of quality.”

Arriva report that over 70% of customers have found the notifications helpful. Kevin Smith, Head of Product, says:

“The process has been good so far, we’ve benefited from the automated comms as it’s enabled us to provide better and more relevant information to our passengers. It’s also removed a lot of manual inputting for service information which has been a real benefit for us.” 

Whilst Guy Dangerfield, Head of Strategy at Transport Focus comments:

“The timetable comparator SilverRail has built for the rail industry is the result of a long campaign by Transport Focus to ensure passengers are alerted when a train they’ve bought a ticket for is removed from the timetable, or rescheduled, after purchase. It will help put an end to passengers, through no fault of their own, arriving at a station unaware that the ‘09:15’ they have a ticket for no longer exists in the timetable.” 

Cameron Jones, Chief Commercial Officer at SilverRail says:

“We are delighted to have extended our partnership with RDG. The Timetable Comparator provides an essential service to the UK Rail industry, ensuring passengers are notified following any changes to their journey. Our mission is to make rail easy and keeping passengers informed plays a crucial role in increasing their confidence and trust in train travel.”

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