Knowledge Hub / ScotRail is trialling a Smart Kiosk, supplied by Cammax and powered by SilverRail

ScotRail is trialling a Smart Kiosk, supplied by Cammax and powered by SilverRail

The author: Isabella Hales


Written by Isabella Hales

London, UK, March 2024:

ScotRail is trialling a Smart Kiosk ticket vending machine, supplied by Cammax and powered by SilverRail, at Glasgow Central station. The Smart Kiosk ticket vending machine is designed to provide passengers in Scotland with a wider range of ticket options and information.

As well as purchasing tickets on the day of travel, passengers can obtain live travel information, can plan current and future journeys, choose a seat preference and buy advanced fares for future travel where available. The machine can also be used by two customers at once, with the main screen used for ticket vending and information while a side screen is used to load tickets onto smart cards.

Why are Smart Kiosks being trialled?

From digital exclusion to ticketing confusion, UK rail ticketing reveals a landscape rife with challenges for users.

Despite being considered a ‘digitally-savvy nation’, the UK prefers to do things the old-fashioned way, with nearly half of passengers interviewed (48%) favouring purchasing train tickets at the station rather than via an online app.

The biggest issue? Complexity.

Our research showed that a fifth of travellers (20%) were unable to find the cheapest ticket for their journey and 58% believe there are simply too many ticket options, with this number increasing to 71% among those aged 65+.

David Pitt, VP of UK Rail at SilverRail said:
"We at SilverRail have recognised that one size does not fit all. Simple solutions like providing smart kiosks at stations or enabling train tickets to be bought from convenience stores on UK high streets both with the same access to cheaper fares that mobile users expect, could make all the difference to travellers."