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Overtaken Trains by SilverRail

The author: Isabella Hales


Written by Isabella Hales

SilverRail's mission is to make real easy to planbook and travel. One of the ways we help in the planning stage is that we build the smartest journey planners and algorithms that enable travellers to find the best value fares easily. This is very important because our recent research shows that price has the biggest influence on which transport mode people choose to take- this is a big problem in rail because rail is perceived to be very expensive.

Cheaper fares do exist but are often hard to find and that's the job of journey planners to display these cheaper options to travellers when they're booking rail.

If our initial search looking for the fastest journeys we ran a series of supplemental searches specifically targeting the rules of the cheapest fares. We then end up with a final super set of results that contain both the fastest and the cheapest needs, which are now returned to passengers. Each search now results in better price journey options and more rail operators.

SilverRail is building the digital infrastructure for global rail. Overtaken Trains is just one of the ways we help travellers find rail while helping clients increase conversion rates.​

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