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Introducing Bach Nguyen

The author: Isabella Hales


Written by Isabella Hales

At SilverRail, we’re not just about trains and tech- we’re all about our people. We’re a key player in the rail industry, not only leading the way in transforming the way people move but also placing a strong emphasis on the happiness and the growth of our employees. In a field where innovation is paramount, we stand out not just for our advancements but also for our commitments to building a vibrant and inclusive company culture. We are dedicated to empowering and championing our workforce, employees are not merely contributors but integral members of a tight-knit community.

We are thrilled to highlight the wonderful individuals we have at SilverRail. Each team member brings unique skills, dedication, and perspectives to the table, contributing to the overall success of our organisation. In this blog, we will shine a light on Bach Nguyen, Data Scientist at SilverRail.

What is your role at SilverRail?

After completing my internship with SilverRail, I was offered a role as a Data Scientist. I work with the Apps Engineering Team and am placed on 3 different projects that are all related to AI implementation.

What are you most excited about in your role?

I'm most excited about being able to leverage and utilise my knowledge base of Data Science and AI to its fullest with my current job at SilverRail and solving complex, real world problems that are experienced by our customers.

What’s the biggest challenge?

The biggest challenge is definitely trying to set up the required pipeline to allow for an optimal AI model to be produced. This means that I need to be able to analyse and clean up the raw data we get from customers in order to turn it into data that's ingestible and high-quality so that the AI models' performance can be maximised.

What is your rail background?

I actually don't have a background in rail at all, this job is my first full exposure to the railway industry, with all of its potential and challenges. It has been a quite positive and impactful experience so far for me.

Where do you see the future of rail?

The future of rail is definitely secured and bright, especially with people at companies like SilverRail working to make the industry more competitive. The market always decides, and it seems like the future will be dominated by rail, especially considering the sustainability factors.

What is the most unusual or interesting job you’ve ever had?

The most interesting job is definitely my current one. The most interesting experience I have had is working with the external consultants at Woodmark to deliver the AI models for the ViVi project on the apps side. This role has taught me a lot about working within the context of a compartmentalised tech team that need to effectively and succinctly communicate with each other to deliver results quickly.

Describe what you were like at age 10.

I first set foot on British soil when I was 10 years old, just a little boy from Vietnam; bright-eyed and ignorant of this brand new culture and environment around me. I was both nervous and excited to immerse myself in this place that was to be my new home, and I think that 10 year old me would be very proud of what he has accomplished today and he'd be very grateful to be able to call the UK his home.

What do you like to do in your spare time?

In my spare time I love to be active and learning, so I go to the gym and practise martial arts and then read any interesting books or articles I can find. I'm also part of Mensa, so sometimes I get very interesting articles from their Special Interest Groups about a variety of different subject areas that are quite interesting.

Do you have any interesting facts about yourself?

This little fact will relate to the earlier prompt about my 10 years old self which is that I will be a Lord Frederick Cavendish scholar at Cambridge University this coming Autumn of 2024. When I was 10, I didn't even know the English alphabet yet so this achievement is extra special. There is always potential to improve within every human being, and that potential can be realised and actualised, it just takes a lot of effort and will.