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Improving the world's access to clean water step-by-step!

The author: Victoria Bacon


Written by Victoria Bacon

Throughout May, we had a fantastic month living our values. We competed in our global office head-to-head step challenge where Sweden took the crowning glory this year at an incredible 377,035 average per person. Globally we achieved a total of 13,636,920 steps!

We also had a focus on hydrating and Doing Good, – for every rep, step or drop, we donated to the wonderful charity, The Water Project, raising an amazing $1,365 which will provide 40 people with clean and safe drinking water as well as a new community well in Africa.

It’s so easy to forget how blessed we are to have clean drinking water always at hand, but others aren’t so fortunate and have to sacrifice an education and normal way of living in search of a clean and reliable water source. The pandemic has really affected the charity sector as well the people they support, so we’re delighted to have made this contribution, whilst pulling together as a team. We are Stronger Together!

It was also a great way for us all to take time out to focus on feeling good, refreshing and resetting for May’s mental health awareness month theme, Nature! Here are some pictures of the beautiful walks SilverRailer’s went on!