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How MEDS delivers medicines using our train freight solution

The author: Yvonne Dahlberg


Written by Yvonne Dahlberg

It’s 23:55 on Thursday 17th December.

At Stockholm Central station, a Snälltåget train for Malmo leaves Platform 10 loaded with 125 packages. These parcels are for MEDS, an online pharmacy, who are dispatching vital medicines to Southern Sweden.

Earlier on, the goods were packed and delivered to Stockholm Central by Airmee from their logistics centre in Årsta. Once the packages arrived in Malmo, Airmee then unloaded and transported the items to customers in Malmo.

Is this the start of flexible, effective and environmentally-friendly logistics?

“For us at Airmee, fast and smooth transport between cities is crucial for us to be able to maintain our strong customer proposition with same-day deliveries. In this trial, it was therefore important for us to see if trains do not contribute to longer lead times. The pilot was carried out together with our customer MEDS to see what train transport means for our clients and their customers. The test clearly shows that we do not need to compromise on either quality or delivery time by using more environmentally friendly means of transport. We expect that using trains will require some operational tweaks, but in terms of the reduced climate impact, it is an investment worth making. We look forward to bringing more of our customers onboard with the project.”

This test is part of an innovation project in collaboration with Vinnova. Read more: