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Deep Retrieve by SilverRail

The author: Isabella Hales


Written by Isabella Hales

Deep Retrieve by SilverRail improves the traveller experience by ensuring that any amends made to a rail booking get automatically synched in traveller apps and traveller agency systems.

Over the past few years, rail bookings have increased as governments phase out domestic flights and companies make employees take trains over planes for environmental reasons. However, travel agencies face a unique challenge when selling rail as bookings are often modified outside of their systems.

Deep retrieve eliminates this issue by syncing all booking changes automatically, ensuring that the traveller always has an up to date itinerary and that the corporate travel agency have the latest information thereby fulfilling their duty of care obligation.

SilverRail is building the digital infrastructure for global rail. Deep Retrieve is just one of the ways we help travellers find rail while helping clients increase conversion rates.​

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