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Climate friendly e-commerce transportation for Stockholm to Malmö

The author: Yvonne Dahlberg


Written by Yvonne Dahlberg

Never before has the demand for e-commerce deliveries been so high. With the restrictions caused by the second wave of the pandemic, online ordering is the only option for many Christmas shoppers this year, A survey conducted by Kantar Sifo on behalf of PostNord shows that 72.5% of all purchases during Black Friday Week were made online. Although the current circumstances are extraordinary, this trend is most likely a long-term behavioral shift. To make sure we reach our climate goals, sustainable transportation solutions for e-commerce are essential.

In a pilot project funded by Vinnova, SilverRail, Snälltåget and Airmee are now testing how to connect transport modes for both passengers and goods to create a climate-friendly solution.

Combined freight and passenger transportation

The pilot is being carried out on the Malmö-Stockholm train line, evaluating both the feasibility of co-transporting goods and people, and the online system for booking goods on to the trains. The objective is to prove that a flexible and fossil-free e-commerce transportation solution is possible.

Combining people and goods on trains enables us to put on more trains for our travellers, whilst at the same time providing a climate-friendly logistics solution” – Marco Andersson, Marketing Manager for Snälltåget
Our mission is to minimize the negative impact of e-commerce logistics on the environment. Participating in testing new opportunities for fossil-free transport by train is therefore very exciting and something we believe many e-retailers will appreciate – Jonathan Svensson, Logistics Manager at Airmee

Exploring consumers’ willingness to pay

The next step in the project will explore the willingness for consumers to pay, which will help validate potential business models.

We aim to create a transparent system where supply and demand can meet and make freight transport by passenger train available to several players. It benefits everyone: train operators, courier companies, e-retailers and not least end consumers and the environment – Maria Perman, Business Developer at Silverrail Technologies.

Maria Perman, Business Development, SilverRail Technologies AB
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