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26 SilverRailers save 3,619kg CO2e in 10 days

The author: Victoria Bacon


Written by Victoria Bacon

…And that’s a wrap, our team here at SilverRail have just completed our Greener, Cleaner, Leaner sustainability challenge with Deedster.

It was a fantastic challenge to gain more awareness of how even the smallest changes to our daily habits can make a real difference and impact to a cleaner, greener planet! In just a 2 week challenge, we completed 2,011 deeds and a total saving of 3,619kg CO2e.

We trialled herbivore, we switched off, and we even had family shower races, 46 seconds takes the win! It was a wonderful opportunity to connect our team globally, have fun and change our behaviours to make an ongoing impact for a brighter future.

After what has been a challenging year, this is yet another great example of how we are “stronger together”.

“I liked the radio program from Johan Rockström. Overall I learned a lot from the challenge” Software Developer
“I really like the cup re-user. Good idea ” Senior Director, Commercial
“The impact of rice was an eye opener for me. I eat a lot of rice. But now I’m going to switch to much more quinoa, and it turns out there is a company in Shropshire (UK) who grow it too so no air miles either. Result!” Technical Product Manager
“I think that Henrik Kniberg’s educational animation about “what its all about” is excellent.” Head of Tech Ops

We’re looking forward to our longer 1 month challenge next year where we will invite our families and friends to join us.

When we repeat changes in our habits, they become behaviours – and with these small changes, as an individual and as a team, we can help the global effort to tackle climate change.