The UK Rail Market Insights Report – download your free copy

Today, rail is the preferred transport choice in many markets for both passengers and freight – it’s greener, faster, city centre to city centre, increasingly interconnected to other transport modes, and can carry far more people than most alternatives. Therefore, it is only natural that it sits at the heart of transportation systems around the world.

In the UK specifically, the rail network supports considerable economic growth, enabling the major cities – London, Manchester, Birmingham and Edinburgh – to function, as well as providing effective transport links throughout the country.

Over the last 15 years, the UK rail network has enjoyed a continuous period of growth and development, which has seen expenditure increase by around 60%. On top of this, Network Rail’s five year investment of £38 billion (from 2014 to 2019) is set to transform the entire rail infrastructure.

This investment and rapid modernisation of trains and rail infrastructure has seen the introduction of faster, safer and more comfortable services. These advances, however, have arguably outpaced the adoption of new booking technology and booking interfaces, which puts rail at a disadvantage when compared to other modes of transport.

To help understand how these changes have affected the market, and the behaviour of its travellers, SilverRail has compiled the following Report to give a clear, bird’s-eye view of the UK rail market; to provide key statistics and data to help understand today’s traveller and their sentiments attached to rail in comparison to air, and to highlight market trends in traveller behaviour with increased online rail adop­tion.

It delivers these insights across five chapters:

  1. Looking into UK market trends
  2. Rail versus air options
  3. Understanding traveller behaviour
  4. Traveller satisfaction
  5. Ticket segmentation

Each chapter goes into detail on the topic, providing statistical data, charts, diagrams and analysis from SilverRail.