Future of Transport, Seamless MobilityWe have been busy here at SilverRail over the last couple of weeks, attending PhocusWright in Fort Lauderdale, announcing our new strategic partnership with Expedia Inc, and we had a great article in the Future of Transport supplement carried in The Times (UK) on 17 November.

The article focused on the rise of seamless mobility and the critical part a frictionless, searchable AND bookable journey will be as we seek to crack the issue of mega-city congestion.

As I said in the article, our ultimate vision at SilverRail is to create a single platform which allows travellers to plan and transact their journey across all modes of transport – train, taxi, Uber, bike and bus. Door-to-door. End-to-end.

The whole supplement is well worth a read, it covers a host of innovations across our daily travel choices; innovations which are critical to the wellbeing of our cities, ourselves and, ultimately, the world in which we live.

I invite you to have a look.