Employee Perks: How SilverRail Goes the Extra Mile

The pandemic-induced shift in employer responsibilities presents an unprecedented opportunity for businesses to tear up the rulebook, listen to the wants and needs of their people, and embrace forward-thinking perks that put employees at the centre of the conversation.

Here at SilverRail, we’re extremely proud of our bold approach to employee perks and the proactive steps we’re taking to foster a progressive company culture that puts smiles on people’s faces and springs in their steps.

Why Work At SilverRail?

SilverRail is on a mission to change the way people move through innovative products that make rail easy.

Not only does hopping aboard the SilverRail train present a host of exciting career prospects, but it’s also a rare opportunity for purpose-driven individuals to channel their talent towards a powerful mission that will make the world a better place. We’re passionate about the planet and confident in our ability to shape the future of green mobility through groundbreaking software innovation that creates unrivalled passenger experiences.

SilverRail is committed to building a culture that rewards its employees for their talent, celebrates their interests outside of work, provides emotional support when life gets them down, and dares to go against the status quo to build a more equitable workplace.

So without further ado, let’s take a look at some of the perks of becoming a SilverRailer and explore how we’re reshaping the future of work to put employees at the centre of the conversation.

We believe wellbeing comes first, period.

At SilverRail, the wellbeing of our employees is our bottom line. While many companies view wellbeing perks as a ‘nice-to-have’ add-on, we believe the happiness and health of our employees are linchpins to success and an integral driver towards long-term growth.

Whether it’s taking some time out of a busy workday to enjoy a team yoga session or decompressing from an important meeting with a guided meditation, we see it as our duty to provide employees with a choice of wellbeing opportunities and to give them the space they need to balance the pressures of working life. Outside of the office, we also offer employees a free subscription to the Calm app to help with improving sleep quality, reducing stress, sharpening focus and even developing self-improvement techniques for their personal lives.

While these initiatives go a long way to support our team, we appreciate that sometimes, life can get you down and it can feel like you’re paddling against the current. Our Mental Health days are there for this very reason. If an employee ever finds themselves in a difficult place, sometimes the best thing an employee can do is to step back and give them the space they need to regroup.

Our wellbeing policy also includes comprehensive health and dental insurance to keep your pearly whites squeaky clean and your physical health in ship shape.

The mental and physical health of our employees is our absolute priority — it’s as simple as that. SilverRail is proud to foster an open, honest, and supportive culture that puts mental health at the centre of the conversation. Our company mindset provides a safe space for employees to vocalise any issues, ask for help, and support their colleagues through life’s ups and downs.

We actually care about the environment.

At the risk of antagonising the majority of the world’s employers, many HR departments are guilty of greenwashing their employment policies and using the environment as a half-hearted attempt to align with climate-conscious candidates.

At SilverRail, however, when we say we care about the environment, we mean it.

From company-wide carbon offsetting programmes to our ongoing work with Trace to become officially climate positive, SilverRail’s green agenda seeps deep into its core DNA. Our position in the transport sector is highly motivated by our mission to decarbonise the future of mobility and develop groundbreaking technologies that make rail and other green forms of ground transportation easy. 

What’s more, SilverRail is also proud to be a Climate Perks accredited employer — providing team members with additional annual leave if they choose to travel on vacation by train instead of flying. Paid ‘journey days’ empower SilverRailers to live their values and choose a low-carbon lifestyle without compromising on their number of days in the sun!

Check out this video of our Technical Product Manager, Sarah Disborough, taking advantage of our Climate Perks programme with a picturesque train journey through the English countryside before rolling into sunny Devon to recharge her batteries.

We invest in your personal enrichment.

Becoming a SilverRailer is much more than simply becoming an employee — it’s an opportunity to further your personal development, take on new challenges, and push yourself in entirely new directions. In our recruitment process, we look for individuals who are eager to learn and hungry to try new things. Shaping the future of global mobility requires a certain curiosity about the world and a determination to find positive ways to leave your mark.

It’s this eye for determined and visionary thinkers that drives us to provide all SilverRail employees with a host of enrichment opportunities that challenge our people to be the best versions of themselves. From world-leading learning and development opportunities to globe-trotting travel experiences and eye-opening seminars from industry pioneers, we’re committed to taking our employees on a whirlwind journey to discover their passions and explore new horizons.

Specifically, our partnership with Matchable connects SilverRailers with innovative volunteering opportunities that we facilitate via our Paid Volunteer Leave policy. We believe seeing the world through the eyes of others and taking time to understand their challenges is a vital first step towards building a fairer and more united world.

We stand for diversity and equality.

As a global company, we strive to build diverse teams that are welcoming to a rich mix of cultures, races, religions, ages, genders, sexual orientations, neurodivergent individuals, and people with health conditions or impairments.

We believe in equal opportunities for all and go above and beyond to hone both a hiring process that welcomes diversity and an internal culture that battles against deep-rooted social injustices. While it’s easy for an organisation to make noble claims about their quest for equality, we’re focused on implementing policies that make a real difference and showing results that present hope for underserved groups.

For example, 35.3% of SilverRail employees are female and 64.7% are male — although it might not sound like progress, the average ratio of women to men in the tech sector is 19% female and 81% men. We’re passionate about changing this statistic and are proud to be leading the way.

Similarly, a recent training session on neurodiversity that explored how the SilverRail team can best support neurodivergent individuals is an example of how we’re working to build a more inclusive and empathetic organisation that celebrates different perspectives, experiences and strengths.

We dare to be different with our WFH & Leave Policies.

While many businesses are guilty of shaping their work from home and leave policies around the status quo, SilverRail always endeavours to be one, two or even three steps ahead of the competition.

The traditional workplace suffers from decades of fatigue and outdated policies that simply aren’t fit for the modern era. At SilverRail, however, we’re committed to paving a new path by listening to our people and adopting fresh policies that enhance their quality of life and provide a solid support system that has their back.

So, let’s take a look at just some of our policies that are helping to shape the future of work:

Remote & Flexible Working

It won’t come as much of a surprise to hear that SilverRail has embraced the work from home movement with open arms in the wake of Covid. While this isn’t a particularly stand-out perk in today’s climate, SilverRail’s global presence across three continents lends itself perfectly to remote teams and we’re extremely excited about the opportunity to embrace remote positions going forward — global pandemic or not.

Menopause & Menstruation Leave

SilverRail is home to some of the most visionary women in the global tech and transport space. We’re extremely proud of our female champions and have made it an absolute necessity to adopt forward-thinking employment policies that identify and act upon long-overdue injustices in the workplace.

Our menopause and menstruation policies are designed by women, for women. We passionately believe in the importance of listening to the human body and providing employees with the time they need to approach their work in harmony with life’s natural cycles.

We recently had the pleasure of inviting guest speakers from the Perimenopause Hub to deliver a webinar that focused on the menopause — offering hands-on support to SilverRailers who may be fighting daily fatigue, imposter syndrome and other symptoms life can through at you during this time.

Enhanced Parental Leave

Bringing another human into the world is a big deal. At SilverRail, we’re committed to supporting our employees during this exciting time and take pleasure in offering extended parental leave that supersedes state requirements.

Pregnancy Loss, Fertility & Adoption Leave

Starting a family is an incredibly precious moment in anyone’s life. We understand there can be some extremely difficult moments along the way and have created a pioneering set of leave policies to lighten the load and give our employees the space they need to process major life events.

Competitive Annual Leave Entitlement

While many other employers don’t like to admit it, there is a world outside of the workplace. We understand the importance of letting your hair down and taking time to recharge your batteries in order to strike a healthy work-life balance.

Our generous annual leave entitlement is our way of saying thank you to our team for all of their hard work. No matter how busy things get or what deadlines are on the horizon, we always encourage our employees to take full advantage of their holiday entitlement and enjoy some much needed TLC.


Now more than ever, many people feel a compulsion to take a step back from their careers to channel their time and energy into other areas of life.

Whether it’s spending more time with family or grabbing a backpack to travel the world, SilverRail is open to sabbatical opportunities to give employees the opportunity to press pause before continuing their career growth. Taking time to explore new ideas, experience new things, and rethink the way we live is a vital part of an individual’s personal growth that we actively encourage.

Want to help us change the way people move?

We’re always looking for talented people who share our vision for the future of travel. We’re also a remote and flexible employer.

See our open roles and apply here.


How Two Queensland Students Helped Build a Journey Planning Algorithm That Outsmarts Google

Following SilverRail’s acquisition of Jeppesen’s Brisbane-based Journey Planning platform in 2013, our team ‘Down Under’ continues to enjoy the city’s bustling atmosphere and maintains strong ties with many of the founding members who helped to drive the area’s thriving technology scene.

Today, our Brisbane office is home to over 22 SilverRailers and serves as a hotbed for emerging talent across the state. Not only are we passionate about the opportunity to make rail and other ground transportation easy through innovative software solutions, but we’re also committed to identifying the next generation of engineering talent who have big ideas about the future of mobility.

One such example is our longstanding affiliation with the University of Queensland. Our annual internship programme invites burgeoning software engineers and mathematical maestros to apply for an intensive eight-week internship programme that focuses on solving real-world problems — providing the perfect springboard for a career in software development.

SilverRail’s University of Queensland Internship Programme

For the last seven years, SilverRail’s collaboration with the University of Queensland has seen some of the brightest young minds apply their theoretical skills to complex technical challenges.

From creating a Java programme and accompanying app in 2018 that tackled London’s Tourist Trip Design Problem (TTDP) to improving the performance of an intensive data processing procedure in 2020 that reduced SilverRail’s running costs, our interns continue to enrich our product innovations with fresh thinking and novel approaches.

For our 2021-2022 cohort, we were delighted to welcome University of Queensland students, Emily Jones, studying Mathematics and Samuel Jacobi, studying Computer Science with Maths. Throughout the process, Emily and Samuel received ongoing mentorship from SilverRail engineers, first-hand training across a suite of industry tools, and the opportunity to pitch their findings in front of C-level decision-makers.

What Were Emily & Samuel Working On?

While many internship programmes have earned the reputation of doing little more than honing an intern’s tea-making skills or finessing their photocopying prowess, an internship at SilverRail brings a whole new level of intensity and responsibility to the table.

After welcoming Emily and Samuel to the team and taking some time to understand their skills and interests, the Brisbane team got to work on setting their assignment. As part of the team’s mission to change the way people move through innovative search and journey planning products, the brief was to help the existing team improve the efficiency of one of SilverRail’s existing algorithms (KPaths) and to develop elegant solutions to provide end-users with optimised route recommendations.

With KPaths being a powerful asset in SilverRail’s tech stack, we were excited to give Emily and Samuel the opportunity to apply some lateral thinking to a real-world use case and inject some fresh ideas as to how we can refine end-user experiences. Their contribution to the Brisbane team’s search and journey planning technology plays a pivotal role in SilverRail’s wider company mission: to change the way people move through brilliant products that make rail and other ground transportation easy.

What Did They Discover?

After eight weeks of number crunching, scribbling on the backs of napkins and plenty of head-scratching, the Brisbane team cracked it.

While there’s never a final solution to a problem of this nature, we were blown away by Emily and Samuel’s contribution and their ability to understand the nuances of the challenges at stake.

Specifically, they worked on defining query attributes such as “reasonableness”, “desirability” and “diversity” to assess how the existing algorithm (and competitor algorithms) could filter route options to provide the most relevant results to end-users. This ability to combine technical capabilities with a practical understanding of how users might interact with the output data is extremely rare. This is a trait that we value enormously at SilverRail.

A particularly notable discovery was the relationship between slack time and the desirability of a route — where slack time describes the amount of time allowed for journeys to arrive after the earliest arrival time, whilst desirability is calculated using the following equation:

As shown in the graph below, desirability initially increased dramatically with slack because we were able to find more than one good journey that arrived after the earliest arrival time. However, as slack passed a certain point, desirability started to decrease because the algorithm generated lots of possible results for a narrow range of modal routes — providing passengers with a less diverse selection of journey options.

From this graph, we deduced that a slack value of 30-120 minutes will help to maximise desirability.

Emily and Samuel also demonstrated strong collaboration skills when they encountered a difference in opinion as to what approach they should use to adapt the existing ​​KPaths algorithm. While many engineers would see this as a cue to part ways and prove they know best, they chose to join forces by testing both models against each other and pushing one another to maximise the efficiency of each model.

When asked about his experience of working with Emily, Samuel said the following:

“I think we worked great together, and it was good to have someone closer to my skill and experience level to share ideas with and get a sense of how multiple people can collaborate on a single project. It was also relieving to have someone equally baffled as me when we came across especially confusing or challenging problems.”

Emily also shared the following reflections:

“The best part of my internship with SRT was being able to be creative and come up with novel algorithmic approaches to solve a problem. It was a great experience, and it was excellent to have Sam as a peer intern who had skills that complimented mine. I immensely enjoyed having some of my mathematics background and programming experience converge and to learn and evolve as the weeks went by.”

Following several iterations and testing phases, the final results compared a ‘Radius Approach’ which prefiltered results by duration, the number of legs and minutes spent walking and a ‘Transport Mode Approach’ which used a grouping algorithm based on the types of transport used on a given route, against our existing KPaths algorithm.

To our delight, both approaches produced significantly better coverage results than the existing algorithm and, perhaps more impressively, showed a greater result for “desirability” than Google Maps. In this instance, “desirability” is a measure of how much journeys differ from each other — scaled accordingly to incorporate the number of options available in the returned query (see below).

While it’s still early days and more testing is needed to understand user preferences and qualify these assumptions in practice, the SilverRail team were delighted with Emily and Samuel’s input and the personal growth they each demonstrated in just eight weeks.

On top of the clear technical accomplishments of the 2021-2022 programme, Samuel also offered the following words about his first experience of life at SilverRail:

“The best part of the internship has been the people already working at SilverRail. It’s amazing how friendly and helpful everyone has been, particularly how much interest some had taken towards our project. Both of us were new to programming in C# and tackling problems like this so it was fantastic that so many people were willing to help and sit down with us for an hour while we brainstormed solutions and dug through code to find a way around a problem.”

What Happened Next?

So, what happens when two switched-on students take on the challenge of reworking a tried and tested algorithm from a global rail tech company and help them find a solution that has the potential to outsmart Google?

Well, you hire them, of course!

After successfully embedding themselves into SilverRail’s Brisbane team, we are delighted to announce that we have offered them both full-time engineering positions. We loved their can-do attitude and their ability to translate complex problems into elegant solutions that can change the way people move.

Welcome to the team.

Want to help us change the way people move?

We’re always looking for talented people who share our vision for the future of travel. We’re also a remote and flexible employer.

See our open roles and apply here.


Making it easier to book international rail tickets for Nordic clients

Today, we’re excited to announce some product updates that help our Nordic clients sell international rail tickets more easily.

Throughout Europe, international rail travel is having a renaissance. Last year, SJ and Snälltåget, two Swedish rail carriers, launched direct services to Germany, whilst several other rail operators have for the first time in decades, resumed crossborder night trains. Moreover, as rail continues to liberalise, travellers should be able to get even more options to take trains to other countries.

Our mission here at SilverRail is to make rail easy for carriers, agencies and travellers, so given the surging interest in international rail travel, we’re delighted to have launched some platform enhancements that make it even easier for agencies to sell international rail tickets. 

Firstly, travel agents that use Linkonline, will be able to book international rail using the same flow that they use today for domestic bookings. Prices for international tickets, both for IRT and NRT fares, are also now visible in the timetable interface, aligning with how ticket prices are displayed for Swedish carriers.

Secondly, travel agents that use our Sales API will be able to book international rail using the same easy price query in our API that they use for domestic bookings. This makes the integration easier, with only one API call to receive prices for international tickets.

These changes are part of an ongoing investment in Distribution+, our next-generation content platform, maintaining our long-standing commitment to improving the travel ecosystem within Sweden. 

“This is a positive step forward in our mission to make rail easy. The new feature we’ve released today removes the friction for our customers when they’re selling international rail tickets either through Linkonline or our Sales API. It’s part of a set of product enhancements we’re making as part of the wider Distribution+ investment”

Håkan Augustsén, Head of Portfolio Management

So, if you are a travel agency that wants to sell rail easily, get in touch. You’ll be joining over 300 retailers who use our products every day.


IWD #breakthebias

Today we celebrate International Women’s day, a day to recognise the great achievements of women around the world, past and present.

At SilverRail we believe in true equality and inclusion, ensuring each and every individual is recognised, heard and supported to attain greatness!

We asked some of the women powering rail at SilverRail a bit about what International Women’s day means to them and how society can continue to #breakthebias.

Here’s what they had to say:

For me, International Women’s Day is about recognising and celebrating the achievements of women around the world, not just the big wins that we hear about in the media etc but also the small achievements in our everyday lives. It is also about recognising that we still have a way to go, and we need to raise awareness about the benefits of equality, inclusivity and diversity in our ever-changing world.

Lucy Quinn, Manager of Financial Control

I think it is important to acknowledge that bias is part of our humane experience and we all have it to some extent. Starting with the self, usually works. When it comes to bias or any other form of antagonism, I learned that staying away from the “other” and focusing on the self tends to work.

Roxana Diaconescu, CTO

We should be proud of our identity and never be afraid to own it, instead embrace it with confidence and courage.
I strongly believe it should start from the roots. Educating children on gender equality and rights plays a major role in building the future generations. Always encourage the girls to be bold, independent and take risks.
Build an inclusive work environment where women are not afraid to speak their mind.
Inspire and celebrate each other – when women support each other incredible things happen.

Prathyusha Vemu, Quality Engineer

When my grandmother, born in 1916, participated in cycling competitions as a 20- year-old, many were horrified that she had trousers and a bicycle with a buck handlebar instead of a skirt and a regular women’s bicycle. She was a fantastic, stubborn and curious woman and didn´t let anything stop her! 

She was also one of the few female taxidrivers in Stockholm in the 1950’s, how cool is that!

Linda Branäng, Portfolio Manager

My favourite quotes that represent female empowerment are; “Feminism isn’t about making women strong. Women are already strong. It’s about changing the way the world perceives that strength.” – G.D. Anderson.

“Be the woman who fixes another woman’s crown without telling the world it was crooked”

Juliette Thorpe, Senior Director Commercial

By continuing to challenge gender stereotypes, discrimination and keep speaking up. Remember that it’s ok to take up space and have a voice. Differences should be celebrated, valued and be appreciated.

Harriet Berwick, Senior UK Product Manager

We are incredibly proud and inspired by all the strong, resilient and powerful women working at SilverRail!

To join our great team, check out our latest openings here.


SilverRail is Climate Positive

We are happy to announce our partnership with Trace, a leading app that helps businesses on their journey to net zero.

After measuring our company’s carbon footprint (106.5 tCO2), Trace are helping us reduce & offset our emissions through handpicked climate projects.

You can see the projects we’re funding here, including Rimba Raya Peatlands Conservation in Indonesia; more efficient cookstoves in Nepal; and an initiative in Thailand that makes cement manufacturing more sustainable.

We’ll keep you updated on how we’re getting on!

If you want to measure and reduce your own climate footprint, visit Trace.


SilverRail partners with Rail Online to improve the way rail travel is planned and booked

SilverRail, a global leader in travel technology, is proud to announce its partnership with Rail Online, a new online travel agency specialising in the sale of rail tickets.   

2022 is set to be a busy and exciting year for Rail Online. The company recently launched its booking platform in the UK and Australia with more carrier rollouts planned for Continental Europe and North America in the coming months. Customers across the globe can now book UK point-to-point rail tickets with multiple currency options at

Cameron Jones, Chief Strategy Officer at SilverRail said, “We’ve been impressed with the founding team that Rail Online has brought to the table. Our companies share a genuine passion for the sector and we look forward to working with them as they grow.”

James Dunne, co-founder and CEO at Rail Online is grateful to have the support of an industry leader like SilverRail who provide a simple and cost-effective rail booking, ticketing, and after-sales solution.

 “We want to make it as easy and affordable as possible for people to compare, plan and book their next rail adventure. SilverRail has helped us create a platform that offers a seamless booking experience with competitive prices and the ability to self-manage any changes or refunds. With the rapid advancement of digital ticketing in the rail sector, it’s time for a new player and we’re it,” said James. 

James and co-founders, Lachlan McCallum and Kew Muthalif are no strangers to the travel industry having all previously worked on the executive team of Rail Europe Australasia. The team are driven to promote rail travel as an elegant and environmentally sustainable way to commute and see the world. 

Juliette Thorpe, Senior Commercial Director at SilverRail, said Rail Online’s knowledgeable team and intuitive platform could make them a popular choice with both B2B and B2C clients. 

“It’s been great to work with a company that is so committed to increasing the uptake of rail travel. They’ve got ambitious plans for 2022 with new products in development that aim to make booking rail travel a breeze for travel agencies and consumers,” said Juliette. 

SilverRail and Rail Online look forward to an ongoing partnership that will help more people travel in a scenic and sustainable way.

To book, visit

Media enquiries

Frederic Kalinke

Marketing Director at SilverRail 


James Dunne

CEO at Rail Online


Cameron Jones, Juliette Thorpe and James Dunne are available for interviews on request.

About SilverRail Technologies

SilverRail delivers digital infrastructure for the global rail industry that makes online bookings easy for rail operators, travel agencies and travellers. Its product suite spans the full customer experience including journey planning, distribution, fulfilment, customer service and data insight. 

SilverRail Fast Facts:

  • Handles more than 1 billion online rail searches each year.  
  • Distributes tickets for more than 35 providers and carriers.  
  • Processes more than 30 million bookings each year.  
  • Serves more than 1,500 corporate customers worldwide. 
  • Founded in 2009 and has offices in London, Boston, Stockholm and Brisbane.  

About Rail Online 

Rail Online is a new online travel agency that helps travellers compare, plan, book, and travel by rail. The website has launched in the UK and Australia offering UK point-to-point tickets and Eurail passes. In 2022, the company will expand its offering across Continental Europe and North America. 

The founding team of Rail Online has over 30 years of travel industry experience and includes:

James Dunne – Chief Executive Officer

Kew Muthalif – Chief Technology Officer

Lachlan McCallum – Chief Financial Officer

With a focus on brilliant technology and customer experience, Rail Online’s mission is to become the world’s most valued and frequently used travel app for rail and public transport.


SilverRailers working for a better tomorrow

As we are now well and truly into 2022, we reflect on 2021, and we focus on the year ahead of us. One important factor that we recognise here at SilverRail is the importance of continuing to “Do Good”.

We believe in a better tomorrow, whether by making rail easy and cutting carbon emissions, supporting one another and building awareness of diversity, or by giving back to our community and volunteering.

In our 2021 fitness challenge, SilverRailers stepped, repped and dropped to raise money to build a well at St Joseph’s Junior Secondary School in Sierra Leone proving clean running water for 670 students!

Now that we have got this water source in the school, I can use the toilet and clean up myself very easily. I will no more be distracted in class due to looking for water to drink.

said 14-year-old student, Adama S

Throughout the year our team also volunteered at beach clean ups, gamathons to raise money for cancer, ran international mental health support calls during the pandemic, Christmas shoebox packing for Samaritans, fundraising brainstorming and event planning at Limbpower and supporting their local churches!

We want to make it even more accessible for our team to help others, because after all, we are Stronger Together!  We are incredibly excited to be partnering with Matchable so SilverRailers can offer their expertise and skills to help those in need.

Watch this space for progress!

In a world where you can be anything, be kind. – Caroline Flack


SilverRail Hires Roxana Diaconescu as Chief Technology Officer

We are delighted to announce that Roxana Diaconescu has joined SilverRail as Chief Technology Officer. Roxana has deep engineering and commercial experience in the travel and technology sector, having worked in leadership positions at Uber, Expedia and most recently Facebook.

In this blog, we interview Roxana to get her thoughts on travel technology, what she has learnt so far in her career and the big opportunity she sees at SilverRail.

Welcome Roxana – what is your background?

I am a technology leader, with expertise in building and leading software engineering teams and products within a broad application domain, including travel, big data, personal transport and remote work products that improve communication and co-presence. I hold a PhD in Computer Science and completed a few postdoctoral fellowships in the areas of distributed computing, massively parallel computing, and run-time optimisation for scaling systems and applications.

What interests you about travel technology?

I am particularly mission-driven as I believe that technology is here to serve a higher purpose (than itself) and I, therefore, look at how the mission of a company or a domain resonates with me. To me, Expedia and Uber were both trying to democratise travel and personal transport (sharing economy) respectively, and that kind of mission really resonates with me. In the same way, I saw Cloudera as democratising access to Big Data and supporting Open Source so that smaller players have access to the same kind of tools and technologies that big companies do, thereby levelling the playing field.

What is the biggest lesson you have learnt in your business career?

As mentioned before, I believe that technology can have a significant positive socio-economic impact. When my personal values and work ethic are aligned with that, then my personal impact within the business tends to be the strongest. I’ve learnt that finding meaning in the work that I do is important not only for me but for the people and the teams that I lead. It acts as a powerful motivator and inspires people to be the best versions of themselves. That is really all that any business can hope for: that everyone does their absolute best.

Why did you join SilverRail?

In joining SilverRail, I hope to play a part in climate tech and the clean travel movement. SilverRail has deep expertise in building the foundations and standards that make train travel accessible online, as well as optimising door-to-door travel in an environmentally conscious manner. The rail industry has been lagging behind technology-wise and it is inspiring to me to see how far the company has come in tackling such a complex problem across the globe.

For a long time, the tech industry has been enamoured with solving problems of their own creation. I am humbled to put all my experience, expertise and willpower into playing a small part in solving a problem that deeply resonates with me, my children’s generation and which is possibly the most critical issue facing humanity.

To find out more about how SilverRail is changing the way people move by making rail easy for carriers, agencies and travellers, click here.


More Choice for Rail Customers as Convenience Stores to Sell TfW Tickets

SilverRail is delighted to announce its collaboration with Payzone and Transport for Wales (TfW) to deliver a first-of-its-kind retail solution to the high street.

The project has seen SilverRail and Payzone, a wholly-owned subsidiary of the Post Office, develop a joint proposition that enables people in Wales to buy TfW rail tickets within several Payzone outlets.

This new initiative will ensure that rail retailing remains inclusive by allowing all types of travellers – from those who are confident with mobile ticketing to those who are less digitally adept – to book rail journeys using cash or through more modern payment methods.

Given 20% of tickets (pre-pandemic) were bought using cash, it’s vital that the industry maintains a semi-digital presence so that no customer is left behind by the digital revolution.

The service will make all rail tickets that are compatible with barcode e-tickets accessible as printed barcode tickets that can be used across the national rail network. These tickets are the same as those that can be purchased on mobile phones but work as printed tickets.

David O’Leary, TfW’s Commercial and Customer Experience Director, said:

“This is an exciting pilot that gives customers additional choices about how and where they purchase their rail tickets.  This is the very first time in the UK that rail customers will be able to buy their tickets in their local convenience store and it also gives customers the added choice of purchasing with cash, especially if their local station does not have a ticket office or only has a self-service machine that accepts cards only.” 

Head of Transport and Ticketing at Payzone, Noel Goulty, added: 

“This is truly a first for rail ticketing, bringing the retailing of rail tickets to the centre of Welsh communities. This strategic partnership with SilverRail will deliver a fully accredited system on behalf of Transport for Wales, which is exclusive to Payzone and allows passengers to buy rail tickets, whilst popping into their corner shop for some essentials! 

We are committed to innovating in this space to become the default high street network for cash ticketing. This is a genuinely exciting time for Transport for Wales and we are delighted to be part of the team delivering on their strategy.” 

David Pitt, SilverRail’s Head of UK, said:  

“We are very excited to deliver this pioneering retail solution alongside TfW and Payzone. Bringing rail tickets to the high street in this way will ensure nobody is left behind by the digital revolution and will provide convenience and a wider availability of tickets to the travelling public.  

We believe it’s very important that rail retailing remains inclusive by allowing all types of travellers – from those who are confident with mobile ticketing to those who are less digitally adept – to be able to book rail journeys using cash or through more modern payment methods.”

For media inquiries, please contact:

Frederic Kalinke, Marketing Director at SilverRail


About SilverRail 

SilverRail delivers the retail engine for global rail. Its product suite spans the full passenger journey: trip planning, booking, payment, ticketing and aftersales. 


  • Handles more than 1 billion online rail searches each year 
  • Distributes tickets for more than 35 providers and carriers 
  • Processes more than 30 million bookings each year 
  • Serves more than 1,500 corporate customers worldwide 

SilverRail was founded in 2009 and has offices in London, Boston, Stockholm and Brisbane.

About Transport for Wales

Transport for Wales (TfW) oversees public transport in Wales and its mission is to drive forward the Welsh Government’s vision of a high-quality, safe, integrated, affordable, and accessible transport network that the people of Wales are proud of.


Transport for Wales Partners with SilverRail to Transform its Digital Retailing Capability

SilverRail is delighted to announce its partnership with Transport for Wales (TfW), helping them transform their digital retailing platform and passenger experience.  

The project involves SilverRail providing TfW with a retail engine that powers the full customer journey, from planning to fulfilment to payment, underpinned by SilverCore, its multi-channel Ticketing Issuing System (TIS). 

This will allow TfW to own and optimise all customer touchpoints across its website, mobile apps, call centre and any new channels that may emerge. 

Dave Williams, Transport for Wales’ IT and Digital Services Director, is excited about what the partnership will enable: “We’re delighted to be working with SilverRail to upgrade our retailing system for our customers. The new system will give us increased flexibility across all our platforms and will provide a significant enhancement to the customer journey”.

“More people than ever are using our digital services to buy tickets and access up-to-the-minute journey information. This is just one step we’re making ahead of the eventual rollout of integrated public transport journey-planning, which will provide journey information and tickets for rail and bus services across Wales.” 

UK rail operators have traditionally outsourced their digital retailing to third-party companies, which has led to poor visibility of the customer and their needs. TfW has recognised the importance of reasserting control of its customer-facing channels and is bringing them together using SilverRail’s platform. This will improve the end-to-end digital experience whilst allowing TfW to accelerate innovation.

“This partnership will enable TfW to provide a best-in-class customer experience to passengers from journey planning to booking, from fulfilment to customer service and across multiple channels” said David Pitt, Head of UK at SilverRail.

“In doing so, we are helping TfW enhance its position in the competitive UK transport market, at a time when more people are travelling domestically. As we emerge from the pandemic, it is very important that we do all we can to make journeys easier for customers.”  

“It is exciting that TfW will be challenging the status quo by investing in enhancing its digital assets to take back control and grow its direct revenue. This will reassert their control in what they can offer to the travelling public,” continued David.  

SilverRail’s platform is designed to work seamlessly with other technology suppliers, enabling TfW to work effectively with digital design agencies, CRM systems and other industry tools. On this project, SilverRail has worked alongside Imaginet, a digital agency.

You can find out more about SilverRail’s TIS here

For media inquiries, please contact:

Frederic Kalinke, Marketing Director at SilverRail


About SilverRail  

SilverRail delivers the retail engine for global rail. Its product suite spans the full passenger journey: trip planning, booking, payment, ticketing and aftersales. 


  • Handles more than 1 billion online rail searches each year 
  • Distributes tickets for more than 35 providers and carriers 
  • Processes more than 30 million bookings each year 
  • Serves more than 1,500 corporate customers worldwide 

SilverRail was founded in 2009 and has offices in London, Boston, Stockholm and Brisbane.

About Transport for Wales

Transport for Wales (TfW) oversees public transport in Wales and its mission is to drive forward the Welsh Government’s vision of a high-quality, safe, integrated, affordable, and accessible transport network that the people of Wales are proud of.

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