SilverRail, the transformational technology business helping train companies build their digital infrastructure –in order to both reach new customers and enhance existing customer’s experience in booking rail – has today announced a new partnership with Stagecoach Group.

Stagecoach Group is one of the UK’s biggest and most experienced rail operators, carrying over 278 million passengers each year – meaning nearly one in five people in the UK use their services across the country.

Stagecoach Group has adopted SilverRail’s market-leading SilverSearch SaaS platform to enable a co-ordinated and consistent multi-channel approach to journey planning. The product will be adopted across the South West Trains websites and new mobile app. Customers can plan their rail journeys based on route, price and availability with SilverSearch’s technology. This is the first step in a programme of innovative developments for the Stagecoach Group; to help customers find the right train and the right ticket easier, faster and more intuitively.

The new platform, powered by SilverSearch, launched on June 1st 2016 as part of the new South West Trains website and app.
Cameron Jones, Chief Commercial Officer, SilverRail said: “We are thrilled to be a key part of Stagecoach Group’s investment in making rail planning and ticketing simply better. For Stagecoach’s train operating companies, the ownership of their customer journey search data provides key business insight. A single view of seasonality, booking lead times and route popularity across channels can shape service provision, merchandising and yield management.

“This partnership highlights a continuing trend for UK Rail Owning Groups to invest and upgrade the customer experience they provide. Taking control back of the retail business, will allow Stagecoach to innovate and bring new planning and ticketing experiences to their customers.”

Christian Roth, Managing Director of South West Trains, said: “Rail passengers tell us they want easy, fast access to the cheapest ticket for their journey. We’ve worked with customers and technology experts to deliver exactly that. We are now able to offer the go-to resource to access the best value travel anywhere on the UK rail network.”


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