Making it easier to book international rail tickets for Nordic clients

Today, we’re excited to announce some product updates that help our Nordic clients sell international rail tickets more easily.

Throughout Europe, international rail travel is having a renaissance. Last year, SJ and Snälltåget, two Swedish rail carriers, launched direct services to Germany, whilst several other rail operators have for the first time in decades, resumed crossborder night trains. Moreover, as rail continues to liberalise, travellers should be able to get even more options to take trains to other countries.

Our mission here at SilverRail is to make rail easy for carriers, agencies and travellers, so given the surging interest in international rail travel, we’re delighted to have launched some platform enhancements that make it even easier for agencies to sell international rail tickets. 

Firstly, travel agents that use Linkonline, will be able to book international rail using the same flow that they use today for domestic bookings. Prices for international tickets, both for IRT and NRT fares, are also now visible in the timetable interface, aligning with how ticket prices are displayed for Swedish carriers.

Secondly, travel agents that use our Sales API will be able to book international rail using the same easy price query in our API that they use for domestic bookings. This makes the integration easier, with only one API call to receive prices for international tickets.

These changes are part of an ongoing investment in Distribution+, our next-generation content platform, maintaining our long-standing commitment to improving the travel ecosystem within Sweden. 

“This is a positive step forward in our mission to make rail easy. The new feature we’ve released today removes the friction for our customers when they’re selling international rail tickets either through Linkonline or our Sales API. It’s part of a set of product enhancements we’re making as part of the wider Distribution+ investment”

Håkan Augustsén, Head of Portfolio Management

So, if you are a travel agency that wants to sell rail easily, get in touch. You’ll be joining over 300 retailers who use our products every day.