Did you ever visit a city, have a few hours to spare, and wonder where you can get to in your spare time? SilverRail’s journey planning solutions have a feature for just such a situation. The technical name for this feature is an isochrone map. You tell SilverRail your starting point, when you are interested in traveling, and your maximum journey duration. SilverRail will then indicate the locations you can reach by public transit in the allotted time. For instance, let’s say you are at Times Square in New York City and want to know where you can get to within an hour. Our journey planner returns a map like the following:

This map shows all the places you can get to within that hour of travel via walking, public transit, and rail travel. In this particular case, the results include 6,180 separate rail and transit stops, as well as the area around these stops that can be reached by walking.  You can zoom in on the map to see information about the specific stops, or even switch the map to satellite mode to see more details for an area.