SilverRail Series – ‘Disruptive ideas in transportation’

Last week at SilverRail, we ran our second industry event of 2016 – a series of events which brings together a wide range of industry professionals.

The SilverRail series aims is to bring together the people in the industry that wouldn’t normally meet, whether that be from the transportation supplier side, from the innovative start-ups with big ideas or the travel retailers curious about how we get around when we’re not flying!

At SilverRail we are trying to convince a low tech space that technology, data and a sound digital infrastructure are things to be embraced, and so we love the new, disruptive ideas that these types of gatherings can generate, and ultimately help our mission.

The theme of our latest event was: ‘Disruptive ideas in Transportation’ where advertising guru, TED speaker and vice-chairman of Ogilvy & Mather Group UK, Rory Sutherland applied his interest in behavioural science to suggest different ways to approach business and travel problems.  A chance for our guests to be inspired, and challenged to think differently.

During his lessons in behavioural economics, Rory claimed Uber’s success is a result of its map. He goes on to say that its success is not about convenience, price or scale – the metrics which make sense to Goldman Sachs – but the map on the app which shows how far away the ride is. He linked this to humankind’s inbuilt fear of uncertainty. Knowing your Uber is on its way and being able to see it in context is preferable to the void of doubt that exists if you book a cab by phone and are told to wait 10 or 15 minutes. Tnooz published a great summary of Rory’s ideas if you are keen to read more – Travel execs: consider the traveler’s “chimp mind”, not just your spreadsheets

A real highlight for us was the variety of companies that attended, we saw people from: TfL, Go-ahead, Cross Rail, McLaren, HS2, ATOC, OpenCapacity, Expedia, Virgin Trains, HackTrain, Chiltern Railways, Trip Advisor, Evolvi, Cox & Kings, London Midland, and many others. To us, this shows progress – that the industry is open to collaboration, networking and disruptive thinking.



‘Getting around on the ground’

Phocuswright Europe is one of the top global B2B travel events, drawing in the region’s top players to discuss the trends, technology and turmoil affecting the European travel market.

At their latest event, held in Dublin in May 2016, Will Phillipson, Co-Founder & President at SilverRail Technologies shares his views in the ‘Getting around on the ground’ panel alongside: Rome2Rio, KelBillet, and RentalCars.

Incase you missed it and want to hear their views – watch the video:



Offering next generation, end-to-end, multi-modal journey planning

SilverRail, the transformational technology business dedicated to enabling seamless mobility through providing access to digital ground-transportation content, has enabled Traveline Cymru to deliver a greatly improved customer journey planning experience across all of their online channels.

The updated journey planning environment streamlines the processing and management of timetable and mapping data for all modes of transport across the Traveline network. SilverRail’s technology – SilverSearch – applies unique proprietary algorithms to the transport data managed by Traveline Cymru in order to provide streamlined door-to-door journey plans and travel information for their website and mobile applications.

Traveline Cymru decided to switch to a multi-supplier approach, rather than the previous ‘one-stop-shop’, in order to benefit from best of breed service in each specialism. The three new suppliers, SilverRail, Omnibus and Spindogs, provide the collaborative expertise which Traveline Cymru required, in order to manage the evolving needs of their customers in an effective and agile manner.
Graham Walter, Managing Director at Traveline Cymru, said: “SilverRail has helped us on our journey of transformation, empowering us to put the customer at the heart of everything we do and enabling us to provide our customers with a greater variety of journey options. As well as being flexible across channels to serve both our mobile and website searches, the technology supplied by SilverRail has allowed us to continually adapt to our customers’ needs.

“Traveline Cymru focuses entirely on the customer. As a result, we have involved them throughout this ambitious project, collating feedback to ensure that we create the optimum experience. An example of this is the new ‘direct route’ search functionality. Feedback showed us that not all customers preferred the ‘fastest route’, but that a high proportion preferred not to change buses at all if possible. Now, with the help of SilverRail, we are able to present appropriate and simple options for them to plan journeys according to their personal preferences.”

Since the website re-launch, the new and improved journey planning environment has resulted in a 39% uplift in the number of customers using the website, with half a million journey plans shown to Traveline Cymru online customers in the latest month alone. And, in the past year, 10 million journey plans have been shown to customers across all channels.

Francis Lee, Vice President, Service Delivery at SilverRail, said: “Information on the move is the future, and it was essential for Traveline Cymru to offer an agile service to its customers. Our technology has tamed the immense complexity of the transport data, providing customers with a complete picture of their end-to-end journey, and enabling them to make better informed travel decisions. This is the future of travel planning, and we are delighted that Traveline Cymru chose SilverRail to collaboratively transform their customers’ journey planning experience.”


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