Solutions for
the rise of rail

We’ve built the world’s first global rail marketplace, connecting rail carriers and travel retailers from all over the world.

By unifying the world’s carriers around one platform, we’ve made global rail data consistent, and global rail travel easier to distribute.

It’s how we’re fuelling the efficient, scalable and reliable customer experience modern rail needs.

This is the renaissance of rail.



The world’s first global

rail marketplace.

A unified code structure for global rail

We’ve written the Rosetta Stone for global rail. By reinterpreting the underlying language of rail carriers from around the world, we’ve created a consistent language for global rail’s equipment, fare classes, amenities and stations.

A common index for every journey

Our platform ensures tickets are bought the same way regardless of which carrier is selling the content. We use a common index and structure to map into all the rail carriers in our network. It puts all carriers on even ground and gives all distributors a consistent way to book global rail.

Cutting edge data management

We’ve built a world-class data factory to ensure all our travel content maintains a consistently high level of quality and availability. Using proprietary data quality and data integration tools, we’ve built a system robust enough to reliably manage the millions of routes, prices and schedules we offer.

One simple API connection

All it takes is one simple API connection and you get access to the world’s rail. We’ve done the hard integration work, so you don’t have to, with a constant stream of carrier updates to make sure you never have to again.

Complete customer relationships

We’ve ensured our platform helps rail carriers and travel distributors come closer to their customers. A single direct connection helps rail carriers have a complete view of their customers. And our Active Segments help travel managers manage their customers’ bookings.


High performance multi-modal

journey planning.

Multi-modal planning

Plan door-to-door journeys that include walking, driving, bus, subway and rail segments. It’s a single comprehensive planning solution for any journey permutation.

Real-time indexing

Our proprietary algorithms provide you with real-time access to every price, route and schedule as it changes. We’ve tamed the immense complexity of rail with our state of the art rules engines.

Worldwide coverage

Our planning solution covers travel data from a huge range of countries so you can offer extensive international planning, from one interface.

Granular journey planning

Include park-and-ride locations and intermediate timetables in your journeys. And if your travellers have some time to spare, show them a list of the most interesting places within an hour’s distance by public transport. You can even generate jogging routes.

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The most efficient way to

book rail and manage trips.

One interface. Everything you need.

Plan, book, pay, modify. Manage all your rail bookings from our simple, easy-to-use web application. Powered by our global platform, this is the online booking agent modern rail has been waiting for. Efficient and powerful, it’s your real-time window to every route, price and timetable.

A consistent workflow

Manage multiple bookings from multiple carriers in multiple currencies – all from one easy-to-use interface. We’ve streamlined the cumbersome process of booking rail tickets so that you can get more done in less time than ever before.

Access local content

We’ve built our platform and web application to give you a view of travel content that’s as granular as you need it to be. You’ll be able to access local fares, offers and discounts from the same interface for every country you’re booking in.

Personalised bookings

Make the most of your travellers’ loyalty travel cards by storing their data in SilverAgent. Wherever special offers and discounts apply to your individual travellers, you’ll be able to include them. It’s a one-stop shop for all your traveller and rail travel data.

User-friendly interface

We work closely with agents to make sure SilverAgent makes the booking and managing experience incredibly efficient.

Constant updates

We update our software remotely every two weeks so you can get all our new enhancements as soon as they come out. It only gets better.

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