SilverRail Journey
Planner Demo

SilverRail Journey Planner Demo

The SilverRail Journey Planner provides an API which allows access to public transport information for a variety of countries, cities, and regional areas via a single, easy to use interface.

Watch the API demo tool in action with some real life examples in this eight minute demo video.


SilverRail Journey Planner API 

Our modern cloud hosted RESTful API supports JSON and XML and can be easily integrated into your system with minimal effort.

Getting started is easy. You’ll be provided with a starter kit including detailed documentation, code samples, and an API demo tool complete with Developer Window.

Then just enter a few simple parameters for any request type and you are on your way. To further enrich your websites and apps, you can delve into the advanced search features described in the comprehensive on-line help section.


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