Rail is set to dominate short and medium haul travel around the world.

It’s faster, cheaper, greener and more convenient than air. And with the deregulation of European markets, the rise of high-speed rail and the internationalisation of routes mean rail is beating air in all but one way.

The trouble is, there's nothing modern about modern rail's online customer experience.


The five standards

A customer experience fit for modern rail

Today, the booking and managing of rail travel is fragmented across multiple, outdated systems. It’s an unnecessary burden on the carriers, travel distributors, travel managers and travellers themselves. We believe these five standards are crucial to modern rail’s success.

One language for global rail

For modern rail to win, it has to present a consistent, streamlined view of every available option. To do this, it must unify the data from rail carriers around the world. A common language for equipment, fare classes, amenities, stations and tickets.

A common index for all journeys

So anyone travelling from anywhere can plan, manage and book a journey, regardless of where they’re booking from or travelling to.

A comprehensive inventory of global rail

One that upholds the quality, consistency and availability of rail routes, prices and schedules from around the world.

Real-time routing, pricing and scheduling

Rail offers more stops, more journey times and more price points than air. And customers need an instant, accurate view of this immense flexibility.

A single, seamless ticket for any journey

Across different countries, customer tickets – paper or electronic – must represent their entire journey, regardless of how many carriers are involved.

By delivering these five standards, the SilverRail platform makes a lot of great things possible.

What this means for Carriers

The challenge for rail carriers today is about taking advantage of rail’s rapid market expansion. On the one hand, there’s never been greater demand for your content. But on the other, it’s crucial that you be able to scale your booking and support operations to meet this demand.

Make no mistake – if your current systems are too outdated and expensive to reliably handle existing demand for your services, they won’t scale to meet global demand. And in any market expansion as dramatic as this, the best customer experience always wins.

Today, delivering that customer experience means winning over the first wave of new rail travellers from all over the world. The first winners of modern rail will be the rail carriers that expand the distribution of their content to match global demand.


We’ve built the world’s first global platform for rail bookings. And we’re connecting rail carriers from all over the world to the global network of travel distributors. 

This is how you take control of modern rail’s future.

What this means for Travel Retailers

With the emergence of high-speed rail and increased competition amongst rail carriers, travel retailers face a pivotal challenge.

Offer the rail content your customers demand, or they’ll find a retailer who can.

The only thing is, you can’t rely on costly offline booking operations to make that content available. Not if you want to scale your operations and preserve your margins at the same time.

In order to seize this opportunity, you need to offer a better customer experience that’s less expensive to manage.

We’ve built the world’s first global online platform for rail bookings, integrating rail carriers from all over the world.

It’s the most efficient way to book and manage rail content online and it’ll deliver the customer experience your customers demand.

What this means for Corporate Travel Management

Given a choice, business travellers would naturally choose a more convenient and more productive mode of travel. Increasingly, that mode of travel is rail.

The challenge for corporate travel managers is about providing travellers with that choice, while collecting all the data required to fulfil the obligations of a travel manager.

So given the option between a cumbersome offline operation to book rail and an efficient online operation to book air, you would naturally choose the online option.

The opportunity in front of you is crucial: it’s a chance to offer your travellers a cheaper, better, safer, more productive, and often faster way to travel short and medium distances.

We’re here to help you give your travellers that option – cheaply, efficiently and online. We’ve built the world’s first global platform for rail bookings.

This is the future of business travel and it’s ready when you are.

What this means for Local Transit Authorities

More often than not, travellers take several modes of transport to finish their journeys. But at the point where they switch from rail carrier to local transit authority, they usually have to go it alone.

This point of inconvenience is actually an opportunity for local transit authorities. It’s an opportunity to make it incredibly easy for your travellers to plan and book their journeys – regardless of the different modes of transit they’ll take to get there.

Our multi-modal capabilities give your travellers door-to-door journey planning, real-time updates from vehicles and trains, and mobile ticketing – on your site and in your mobile apps.

We’re already powering more than 80% of the journey-planning in the UK.

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